Installing Controller Application

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To begin, download the application onto a desktop or laptop computer by clicking HERE

Once the file downloads on your computer, copy the file onto any standard usb thumb drive (memory stick).

Plug the thumb drive into the USB slot of your MediaPLAYER. Then plug-in your usb keyboard and mouse.

Once in the apps screen, click and hold the current SignageController app until the Uninstall pops-up on the top of the screen. Then drag the SignageController app into the Uninstall area. After the SignageController app has been uninstalled, click on “APK Installer”

Inside the APK Installer app, click on “App Install”

Then click on your thumb drive option

Then navigate through the thumbdrive files on the right-hand side until you find the watchdog application and click on it

You should see a window pop-up prompting you to install the apk. Then click “Install”

A new prompt will open, please click “Done”

Then right-click back to the apps screen and click on the newly installed watchdog application to initiate. SignagePlayer will open and load. It may take a few moments to establish a connection.

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